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Plug into comfort.

Reduce energy bills by up to 40% with Diversified Energy’s professional application of stabilized cellulose insulation.

Our experienced installers completely fill and insulate the walls and attic voids of your house, forming a seamless obstruction to air infiltration. For more information on our advanced cellulose insulation applications for your home, call (504) 273-7779 or complete our website form to contact us today.


Professional insulation application significantly reduces the flow of heat and virtually eliminates home air infiltration.

It’s this intrusion of outside air that carries extreme temperatures, moisture, and pollutants into your home—all of which causes high utility bills, structural damage, and even health problems. Diversified Energy uses only field-proven Applegate Stabilized Cellulose Insulation, a premium building material renowned for its superior low–dust properties and BurnBarrier™ fire retardant. When properly installed, cellulose is not only fire resistant (Class I Fire Rating), but it can save as much as 40% on utility costs while increasing comfort.

Reduce noise levels and pollutants in your home.

Its small particles, composed of recycled newspaper and cardboard fibers, allows cellulose insulation to completely fill voids in attics and within walls, especially hard-to-reach areas. Cellulose reduces noise levels by filling cavities and removing air pockets in which sound travels, and because cellulose has approximately three times the density of fiberglass, this helps to deaden sounds, too. Cellulose also provides superior control against mold, insects, and rodents. And unlike fiberglass, cellulose does not use formaldehyde-based glues, which often present a hazard after installation.

Versatile application creates a larger barrier to heat transfer.

Cellulose insulation can be installed in walls and as a blanket in the attic, which significantly reduces air infiltration and acts as an effective barrier to heat transfer. Covering the loose-fill fiberglass in your attic with cellulose not only adds R-value, but it also restores the effective R-value that fiberglass loses during cold weather.

There are four major types of cellulose insulation products available for a variety of specific applications.

Dry Cellulose or loose-fill cellulose is typically used to retrofit old homes. The thermal conductivity of loose-fill cellulose is about the same as glass wool, an insulating material made from fibers of glass arranged in a texture similar to wool, and has an estimated R-value of 3.8 per inch.

Spray Applied Cellulose, or wet-spray cellulose, is typically used in new wall construction. This application doesn’t require a temporary retainer to hold the cellulose. Of course, wet-spray cellulose requires a drying period of a minimum of 24 hours before its enclosure.

Stabilized Cellulose is applied with a very small amount of water that activates an incorporated adhesive. It is most often used in attic or sloped roof applications because it requires less cellulose, which lessens the weight and prevents sagging.

Low Dust Cellulose is applied with a small percentage of oil in order to reduce dust levels and may be used in homes where people are allergy-prone.

What is R-value?

R-value is a very accurate and reliable expression of how insulation materials perform with regard to conduction of energy in a laboratory setting. People don’t live in laboratories, or only deal with the conduction of energy, so R-values only tell part of the story. The other two methods of heat transfer, convection and radiation, must be taken into account. Unlike other insulation services, cellulose insulation effectively combats all three kinds of heat transfer.



Diversified Energy is an active participating contractor of the Energy Smart Program of New Orleans, the Entergy Solutions Program of Entergy Louisiana/Gulf states, Mississippi Power’s Energy Checkup, and the Cleco Residential Energy Solutions Program. Utility programs like these are constantly updating the qualifying requirements and incentive amounts. Please check with us to learn more about how Diversified can help you take advantage of programs like these.

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