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Diversified Energy Founder Jeff Haag on Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

May 31, 2017

“Jeff Haag, owner of Diversified Energy — a company with locations in New Orleans and Baton Rouge that evaluates homes to help owners increase efficiency — said government incentive programs usually drive movement in energy efficiency.

“‘If you take utility program funding away, unfortunately, sadly, it dies. That’s what happened here with solar,’ Haag said. ‘When we had great tax credits everybody was looking to add solar. We were adding energy efficient items all across town because there was a market for it. That has diminished since the state credit went away.’

“‘There’s a lot of funding in other states that we’re not seeing,’ Diversified Energy’s Haag said. ‘Some of our leaders’ eyes are being opened to the possibilities of the economic benefits of energy efficiency. We’re behind right now, but eventually we’ll catch up.'”

The preceding excerpt appeared in Biz New Orleans’ Down But Not Out article, published in May 2017.

Trust Your Home to New Orleans’ Top Spray Foam Insulation Pros

May 15, 2017

Whether you need spray foam insulation for a new construction project or a renovation, Diversified Energy takes the time to understand the science of your specific structure and strictly adheres to industry best-practice recommendations. Because of this, Diversified Energy’s clients realize some of the quickest return on their initial investment of any energy efficiency upgrade available on the market today. Our experienced teams provide clients with not only the proper spray foam insulation for each application, but also a healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient home or commercial property.
Diversified Energy’s crews work to completely fill and insulate walls, floors, and attic voids, forming a seamless obstruction that significantly reduces the flow of heat and virtually eliminates home air and moisture infiltration. It’s this intrusion of outside air that carries extreme temperatures, moisture, and pollutants into your home, which can cause high utility bills, structural damage, and health problems.
When you choose Diversified Energy for commercial or residential spray foam insulation solutions, you get:
Building Performance Institute and RESNET trained professionals
• Energy and building performance audits and consulting
• A lifetime manufacturer warranty on all spray foam products
• Use of best building methods with all accompanying literature and documentation
• A local, fully insured, and licensed company that is a member of the Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans and an active participating contractor of the Energy Smart Program of New Orleans

Save up to 25% on Energy Bills with Radiant Barrier Insulation

April 28, 2017

Everyone wants lower A/C bills, especially during the warmer months in the stifling heat of the Gulf South. Radiant barrier insulation effectively reduces energy bills in these warmer months because its foil surface reflects radiant (invisible) heat from the sun, shielding homes and increasing the performance of any structure’s existing insulation. Radiant barriers reflect 97% of radiant heat and can be installed in residential attics, garages, and in an infinite number of commercial applications. Diversified Energy’s experienced contractors can put almost any building ‘in the shade’ with our premium heavyweight radiant barrier professional installations.

How Much Will I Save?
Generally speaking, homeowners can expect to realize a 5% to 25% savings in their heating and cooling costs, with one-story homes experiencing the highest percentage of energy savings.

Does DE Promise Drastic Results?
After installing a radiant barrier, air conditioning units have less heat to remove, so they use less energy and run more efficiently. On a 75-degree day, radiant barriers may keep A/C units from running at all. Remember, reflective foil insulation (radiant barrier) is like shade, so more coverage equals more savings.

Which Type of Radiant Barrier Insulation is Best?
A radiant barrier foil product will work much better than radiant barrier paint, ceramic paint additive, or micro-spheres. Sheets of foil are more practical, economical, and effective than shredded pieces of aluminum, such as radiant barrier chips, because they fully cover the space while allowing access to your attic, if needed.