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Diversified Energy is a BPI Gold Star Contractor and local leader in integrated commercial insulation solutions and building performance diagnostic testing.

Each year since 2014, Diversified Energy has received the Century Club Award from the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and Home Performance with Energy Star for its efforts to complete 100 or more energy efficient projects in a single year. In fact, DE is the only local contractor to be recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy and the EPA for improving energy efficiency for four years running.

High inspection standards improve building energy performance.

Diversified Energy follows the strictest industry standards to diagnose and treat homes and commercial properties for greater performance, comfort, health, and safety. Our BPI certified professionals are the region’s most qualified home performance energy auditors and contractors, providing residential energy efficiency testing and home performance contracting and weatherization.

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Spray Foam Insulation

DE pros are Building Performance Institute trained and certified, and we strictly adhere to air infiltration reduction and insulation methods developed for our hot and humid climate by Building Science Corporation, Florida Solar Energy Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, National Renewable Energy Laboratories, LSU Ag Center, Lawrence Berkley Laboratories, South Face Institute, and EEBA. A member of the Home Builders Association of New Orleans, Diversified Energy is the leader in spray foam insulation solutions for complex older home renovations where heat flow and vapor travel have been significantly altered.

Cellulose Insulation

When properly installed, cellulose is not only fire resistant (Class I Fire Rating), but it can save as much as 40% on utility costs while increasing comfort. Diversified Energy uses only field-proven Applegate Stabilized Cellulose Insulation, a premium building material renowned for its superior low-dust properties and BurnBarrier™ fire retardant. Diversified Energy offers four types of cellulose products for a variety of specific applications:


Dry Cellulose or loose-fill cellulose is typically used to retrofit old homes. The thermal conductivity of loose-fill cellulose is about the same as glass wool, an insulating material made from fibers of glass arranged in a texture similar to wool, and has an estimated R-value of 3.8 per inch.


Spray Applied Cellulose, or wet-spray cellulose, is typically used in new wall construction. This application doesn’t require a temporary retainer to hold the cellulose. Of course, wet-spray cellulose requires a drying period of a minimum of 24 hours before its enclosure.


Stabilized Cellulose is applied with a very small amount of water that activates an incorporated adhesive. It is most often used in attic or sloped roof applications because it requires less cellulose, which lessens the weight and prevents sagging.


Low Dust Cellulose is applied with a small percentage of oil in order to reduce dust levels and may be used in homes where people are allergy-prone.


Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation

Diversified Energy uses Johns Manville Attic Protector, a premium blown-in fiberglass insulation with sound barrier, to cover attics and hard-to-reach areas like corners, edges, and around framing. To ensure the integrity of this product’s performance, it is recommended that only qualified contractors install fiberglass insulation. Diversified Energy’s professional insulation installers provide the finest degree of workmanship available in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and the surrounding areas.


Denim Insulation

Diversified Energy proudly installs the world’s foremost energy saving hybrid: Cotton Armor. Our pros have taken the time to research how this innovative recycled cotton denim insulation by Applegate Insulation delivers an incredible degree of insulating effectiveness, lowering the energy needed to heat and cool homes while helping to minimize monthly energy bills. For those looking to reduce noise levels, this product also provides excellent Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings and is an extremely affordable sound control option.


Cotton Armor contains at least 85% recycled content, so it reuses resources to save energy and American energy dollars. It does not itch because it contains no fiberglass, formaldehyde, or other outdated materials associated with increased health concerns. Applegate Cotton Armor Insulation is also a sustainable high-performance defense against unwanted sound. The natural sound attenuating properties of cotton make Cotton Armor an ideal solution for those looking to quiet noisy ducts and pipes with sound barrier insulation.


Duct Sealing

The reason sealing leaky ducts is such a priority for us across the Gulf South is simple. Due to pressure imbalances, the amount of conditioned air that is leaking out of a building’s ducts will inevitably be replaced by the intrusion of the same amount of extreme (hot/humid) outside air. If the ductwork leakage is excessive, the result can be extreme humidity levels in the home, buckling subfloors, condensation around ceiling vents, mold/mildew, and water saturated attic insulation/sheetrock, among other issues. As part of a comprehensive service plan, Diversified Energy’s BPI certified professionals can perform a duct leakage test to quantify how leaky (or inefficient) a home’s HVAC ductwork is and then clean and seal the ductwork to maximize energy efficiency, provide cleaner Indoor Air Quality, and uncover any potential health/safety concerns.


Radiant Barrier

Diversified Energy’s experienced contractors can put almost any building ‘in the shade’ with our premium heavyweight radiant barrier professional installations. Generally speaking, homeowners can expect to realize increased comfort and a 5% to 25% savings in their heating and cooling costs, with one-story homes experiencing the highest percentage energy savings. Radiant barriers reflect 97% of radiant heat and can be installed in attics, garages, and in an infinite number of commercial applications.


Magnetite® Windows

Magnetite® Windows were originally designed for old New Orleans historical homes and are now installed all over the country, from treasured homes to hotels and government buildings. Magnetite® Windows are practically invisible, yet they provide superior air insulating qualities without the high costs of replacement windows. With professional installation by Diversified Energy, these efficient windows and service are backed by a limited lifetime transferable warranty. The patented magnetic edging of these windows secures a clear sheet of optical grade virgin acrylic, which is installed on the interior of the existing window casing. Not only do these eco windows lower energy bills, but they also provide superior soundproofing and preserve the integrity of the existing structure.


Air Sealing

In addition to the added costs to operate residential and commercial heating and cooling systems in the Gulf South, this area’s humidity is responsible for a vast array of building failure, including structural damage, rot, organic growth (mold/mildew), and poor Indoor Air Quality. Of all the environmental conditions, moisture poses the biggest threat to structural integrity and durability, accounting for up to 89% of damage in building envelopes. The truth is, about 95% of the moisture entering a building enters through air infiltration. Our certified professionals can drastically reduce humidity in any structure and help to eliminate impurities that can cause allergic reactions, breathing difficulties, infections, and disease. Our pros can even inject an anti-microbial disinfectant solution to clean and deodorize duct systems.


DE360 Energy Audit

Our analysts can gain real insight into any structure’s building science. It is this knowledge upon which sound recommendations are made. Diversified Energy uses the most advanced diagnostics, including thermal imaging, blower door testing, and duct leakage testing to detect deficiencies—all in order to improve comfort and safety, while enhancing overall energy efficiency. Other companies’ 10-minute walk-through energy audits simply can’t provide the detailed reporting necessary to provide professional consultations that are up to Diversified Energy’s exacting standards. And no other local Louisiana company is more qualified to conduct proper combustion appliance zone testing to help keep people safe from dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning and gas leaks than Diversified Energy. Trust our experienced BPI certified home efficiency experts, and call to schedule a DE360 Energy Audit today.


Performance Verification

Diversified Energy can help builders, developers, and architects seamlessly navigate the home performance certifications and programs. Call our offices to speak with a knowledgeable team member who can help you to identify any existing programs offered by Energy Star, Entergy Solutions, Mississippi Power, Energy Smart, EPA Indoor AirPlus, Cleco, and RESNET that may be of benefit.


Building Code Compliance

Trust your code compliance testing to our experienced analysts. According to state law, all new residential construction requires 2009 IRC energy code compliance testing, as does all new additions, alterations, renovations, and repairs.

Diversified Energy is pleased to work with contractors, builders, and architects across the Gulf South to provide accurate, comprehensive assessments according to the latest IRC and IECC mandates. As a certified RESNET energy auditor and holder of three BPI certifications, DE provides all the necessary official reporting to demonstrate that your projects meet or exceed these standards.

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